About Us

We are the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, Division of LIUNA. (NPMHU) The NPMHU is comprised of 37 Local Unions in the US and Territories. There are approximately 47,000 Members. Paul Hogrogian from New York, Local 300 is our National President.   We receive information on a regular basis from the National Union. The National Union is responsible for negotiating our National Agreement as well as enforcing the rules and regulations that affect many or all Mail Handlers.  Local 333 represents approximately 450 Mail Handlers in 4 installations in Iowa. The Local Headquarters are in West Des Moines and Monica Marshall is our President.  The Local Union is the organization that represents individuals in various circumstances such as discipline or work rules disputes which are purely local in nature.


NPMHU is affiliated to the American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) In that respect, we are over 12 million unionized employees in the United States. 60 unions are represented, everyone from Aircraft workers to Zoo keepers. Elizabeth Shuler is the current President of this organization. The AFL-CIO is the central voice of organized labor. For obvious reasons, the endorsement of the AFL-CIO is highly prized by politicians.

We, are also Laborers International Union of North America. (LIUNA) LIUNA is referred to as our parent organization, it is through LIUNA the we become affiliated with the AFL-CIO and received the charter to represent Mail Handlers nation wide. LiUNA represent over 550,000 Members in the U.S. and Canada. Many of these members are in the construction trade while others are seemingly unrelated occupations such as nurses and Municipal employees. Brent Booker is the current President.